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Complaint Management System
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Procedure of Filling Complaints / Grievances
i. Click on the link "Register Complaint"
ii. Fill all the relevant information regarding the Complaint / Grievance.
(Fields indicated with * are mandatory)
iii. Press "Register" Button.
iv. An auto generated validation email will be sent to the complainant. The complainant has to open his email & click on the validate link to verify the validity of the complaint.
v. In case of validation failure in the above step or otherwise, complainant can use "Verify Recorded Complaint" link available on the web page and verify complaint using the Complaint-ID , Email-ID & Verification number indicated in the validation email.
vi. System will accept & process only validated complaints.
vii. Any additional documents in support of your complaint can be sent by post to the address mentioned in validation email with Complaint-ID.
viii. Once complaint is registered successfully, complainant can view the status of its complaint by clicking on the link "View Registered Complaint" on the web page.
ix. The complaint once registered will be processed by the Complaint Handling Committee of EIL & Auto email will be sent to the complainant on its resolution.
x. The status of complaint can only be seen from "View Registered Complaints" link, no other mode of communication/queries will be entertained by CHC, EIL.
  • Complainants should have a valid email id for filing their complaints
  • All grievances / complaints must be filed electronically for quicker and faster resolution.